About Us

We are a small business, headquartered in the Rocky Mountain town of Gunnison, Colorado, serving the discerning buyer and specializing in quality reclaimed building materials, such as old bricks, old hand chiseled limestone lintels, pressed tin ceiling tiles, fine lumber and industrial items.  The items we carry are usually available in large quantities for large or small projects.  We also offer rare and unusual specialty items, such as fine old stair rails and stone arched doorways, often reclaimed from old schools and public buildings. Our offerings change often. If you're looking for something special and you don't see it on our web site, we can probably help you find it.  Please call and tell us what we can do to make your vision a reality.

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What we offer

There is nothing quite like the warmth and ambience of fine, beautiful old building materials. Ours almost always come with a history, a place, and a date. Often we can send you to a web site where you can read about the historic old buildings they have come from.  In addition to the character of old materials, they come with the knowledge that upcycling is a green and environmentally responsible way to build. We are happy to work with homeowners, designers or builders to provide the most information and assistance we can.  Please call at 817.771.1650 or email at info@BrickwerksLLC.com  if we can help in any way.

How to buy

Reclaimed building materials often require special handling and shipping.  Please call us at 817.771.1650  or email info@BrickwerksLLC.com when you see something you like and we can discuss how best to get it to you. 

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